What to Know About Immigration

What to Know About Immigration

For many people out there today, immigration law is a topic that is difficult to understand. Too many people do not understand their rights and what they need to do in order to successfully enter a country. Whether you are worried about immigration to Canada or immigration to the United States, you should understand a thing or two about the process and the people who power the process. In many cases, this will be an immigration attorney. The Department of Immigration is a difficult one to deal with. Having a strong knowledge of the process and understanding the value of good legal help will give you a leg up.

What to know about citizenship and immigration

The first thing to know is that citizenship and immigration do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. A person who comes to a new country is not automatically a citizen. In most cases, they are in the country on some sort of work or vacation permit. People who are born in the United States are citizens, even if they were born to people who were not citizens at the time of the birth. In addition, people who have come to the United States often have the opportunity to gain citizenship through years of work and a process called naturalization. They must take a test and quality to become citizens.

Coming to the country for a short period of time

For most people, the most common way to come to the United States is on a work permit. Known as a green card, the work permit will give a person the chance to live peacefully and take advantage of many American services. Some people will try to come to the United States on a study permit if they are hoping to learn at an American university. While here on those permits, some people will earn permanent residency by marrying an American citizen.

Why is a free immigrant attorney a must?

Free immigration lawyers are out there to help people with immigration issues. These lawyers provide an important legal service for individuals who are in danger of being deported. There are many things that you can do to jeopardize your immigrant status. Consulting one of these free immigration lawyers is a good idea if you have any questions about your status. They can ultimately make you feel at ease about your situation, even if you are up against the odds.


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