Knowing Your Rights on Landlord Issues

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you would be wise to understand the basic landlord laws. There are certain landlord regulations that must be followed under all state law. Though each state is different in the specific landlord act that they have passed. all 50 states have worked out some system of tenant rights and landlord regulations. These laws are designed to ensure that the landlord is acting reasonably and fairly toward the tenant. In addition, the tenant is expected to act in a fair manner toward the landlord that is supplying that tenant with a home. Whether it is a notice of eviction issue or some other part of landlord-tenant law, it is important to understand the basics.

Notice of eviction issues are most important

The most important of the tenant rights is the notice of eviction. The landlord cannot simply lock the door on the tenant or come into the tenant’s space and take all of his stuff out. In most states, the landlord must provide some notice to the tenant that he is required to vacate the property. The landlord must then wait a few days before finally filing documentation with the court. Only when this happens will the landlord and the sheriff’s office be able to execute the eviction. The idea here is that the tenant should have a few days to gather his or her things and find some other place to live.

Providing a quiet, enjoyable and safe place

Some landlord laws require that the landlord provide the tenant with the right of quiet enjoyment of his or her property. This means that the landlord is not allowed to disturb the tenant over and over with his activities. It also means that the landlord must not interfere with the tenant’s use of the property. On top of that, the landlord is typically required to provide the tenant with a rental space that is safe. Any major problems must be fixed relatively quickly.

Protecting your rights in these cases

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you should be wise about your rights in these situations. There are many opportunities to file lawsuits in order to get compensation or protect legal rights. Having a good lawyer on board is the first step when your rights have been trampled upon. A good lawyer will help you avoid poor treatment.


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