The Need for a Remarkable DUI Lawyer

When people are charged for DUI, a good attorney is an absolute necessity. Those people are often in a difficult place. They face a challenge to their financial stability, their freedom, their professional reputation and even their job. A DUI charge can be a life-wrecker to those individuals who are not prepared with a good attorney. A criminal DUI lawyer can help those individuals make it out without too much trouble. What is a DUI and why do you need a DUI attorney? These are critical questions that you must get answers to if you have run into DUI issues in your life.

What is DWI and why does it matter?

DWI stands for driving with intoxicated. In some states, this crime is known as DUI, an abbreviation that stands for driving under the influence. This charge occurs when you are pulled over and found to be under the influence of alcohol. In many cases, a person will be tested using a breath machine. If that person has greater than eight percent in blood alcohol content, he will usually be taken to jail. In some instances, a police officer might make the arrest on the basis of observation alone.

The consequences of a DUI

What is a DUI and what does it mean to your life? People who are charged with a DUI can run into major financial consequences. First, they will see their insurance rates go up by more than 100 percent. On top of that, they will usually lose their license for three months or more. In some cases, they will lose their jobs or have their professional reputations blasted. These things are serious and present a major challenge for any person who is charged. This is why a good DUI attorney is very important.

What can a DUI attorney do for people in this situation?

A criminal DUI lawyer can challenge the DUI charge in a number of ways. First, he can challenge the tests or observations that put the person in jail. If it was a breath test, the lawyer can dispute the sufficiency of that test. If it was a blood test, the attorney can challenge of the chain of control of that test. He can capitalize on any mistake that the prosecution might make during the investigation or during the arrest. There are many ways for a good lawyer to help his client get off in a DUI proceeding.


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