Get the Benefits That You Are Entitled to Receive

Qualifying for unemployment is simple, and most people who have had a legitimate job that does not involve self-employment or independent contracting work are usually eligible to receive benefits. There are a few specific exceptions to this norm, and it is important to review the rules to ensure that applicants are eligible. The Federal government makes the rules, but each state is required to administer benefits for residents who are claiming unemployment status.

Most states provide numerous ways to complete unemployment claim filing, and the easiest is to begin the process online. Claimants can also visit their local unemployment office and work with a counselor who can help them to process the required paperwork. Most initial claims require specific information about salary, whether employment was part or full-time, and copies of recent pay stubs. They will verify the information with the employer and make an initial determination as to whether the applicant is entitled to file a unemployment weekly claim.

There are times when an employer or the government will challenge an unemployment benefits claim. There is a specific appeal process that is in place to determine if these challenges have merit. It is important to provide documentation, evidence or other resources that can help to convince the hearing officer or judge that the denial was erroneous.

Standard benefits last for six months, and they begin on the second week after an applicant loses their job. Extended unemployment benefits begin to kick in after this initial period expires, and this is a welcome resource for those who have not been able to find a new job. Work search requirements become more stringent as extended unemployment benefits begin, and job-seekers are required to provide detailed information that indicates they are taking steps to find gainful employment.

Unemployment claim filing is not a difficult process, and the vast majority of applicants are approved the first time. It is important to provide accurate information, properly complete the required paperwork and produce supporting evidence if asked. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and reduces or eliminates unnecessary delays. Having unemployment status does not harm credit records or have an impact on future job searches. Benefits are an important resource that can help ends meet until a claimant finds a new job and gets back on their feet.


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